Uwerx (WERX) Gains Momentum: 25-Year Lock & Test Airdrop Ahead

• Uwerx (WERX) is a promising project gaining momentum with its outstanding presale performance.
• It aims to provide a transparent, easy-to-use, and secure platform.
• The team will be locking its developers’ tokens for 25 years and will conduct a test airdrop to assist users in entering their receiving wallet addresses.

Uwerx Gaining Momentum

The crypto verse is witnessing the emergence of innovative projects like Uwerx (WERX), which seeks to revolutionize decentralized communities and gain the attention of investors. Uwerx has rapidly gained traction with its presale nearing stage five with 5000 registered sign-ups.

Aims for Success

Uwerx aims to achieve the same success as other renowned projects like Optimism (OP) and Aptos (APT). To do this, it will unveil an Alpha version that promotes transparency, ease of use, and security. Subsequently, it will roll out the Beta version containing features such as Log-in Page, User Dashboard, Settings, Posting Jobs, and Finding Jobs on a weekly/bi-weekly basis for users to test and explore the platform.

Token Lock & Airdrop

The developers had planned on locking their tokens after the presale but due to high community support they have decided to lock them 25 years earlier than planned. This liquidity lock eliminates any potential rug pulls and secures investor funds. Following another community poll where 98% voted in favor, Uwerx will also conduct a test airdrop to help users accurately enter their receiving wallet addresses.

Freelance Hub Vision

With 32% of independent contractors already engaged in full-time freelancing projected to increase further in numbers; Uwerx strives to become the world’s leading hub for freelancers offering essential features such as secure Vault for staking and safeguarding users’ assets.


Backed by blockchain technology as its base layer and strong community support – Uwerx continues striving towards becoming one of the most successful projects out there offering unmatched services without compromising values.