CleanSpark to Build Site in Washington, Georgia with 16,000 Miners

• CleanSpark is set to construct a site in Washington, Georgia, that will house 16,000 miners and increase its hash rate total to 8.7 EH/s.
• The expansion is estimated to cost $16 million and consist of Antminer S19j Pro and Antminer S19 XP models.
• The company has already seen a remarkable growth from 2.1 EH/s in January 2022 to 6.2 EH/s in December 2022.

CleanSpark Set To Expand Bitcoin Mining Operation

CleanSpark has announced the start of construction on a site in Washington, Georgia that will bring their hash rate total up to 8.7 EH/s. The expansion is estimated to cost nearly $16 million and will include the newest generation of power-efficient bitcoin mining machines available today – Antminer S19j Pro and Antminer S19 XP models.

Company’s Remarkable Growth

The company has seen tremendous growth since January 2022 when they had a hash rate total of 2.1 EH/s – increasing it all the way up to 6.2 EH/s by December 2022. This new expansion, alongside another buildout in Sandersville, Georgia, is expected to continue this rapid growth even further over the coming year.

Management Comments

Zach Bradford, CleanSpark’s CEO commented: “When we purchased the Washington site in August, we were confident about our ability to quickly expand, adding this 50MW to the existing 36MW of infrastructure…We are looking forward to expanding our relationship with the Washington City community and be able to support the construction jobs that will come with this expansion.” Scott Garrison, CleanSpark’s vice president of business development also highlighted how their site uses mainly low-carbon sources of power and employs newest generation tech making it one of the most efficient operations out there today..

Environmental Impact

Although mining operations can have potential environmental impacts due to their high energy consumption rates, CleanSpark claims that due its modern technology usage their operation does not have such negative effects on nature or climate change as other ones might have due lack of sustainability measures taken by other companies.


CleanSpark’s latest announcement shows just how much potential there is for companies within the industry who are willing embrace newer technologies and focus on sustainability measures during their operations – allowing them not only increase profits but also reduce negative environmental impact at same time whilst expanding at same rate as more traditional methods would’ve allowed them too previously..